Proposed budget for BID & CID Projects

Download the CID/BID Proposed Budget (Excel)

BID Projects

Increase revenue for local businesses through Hirafu-specific tourism destination improvement/ development and infrastructure maintenance:

  1. Develop a new rubbish collection system (1st year onward)
  2. Install street banners (1st to 3rd years)
  3. Dissemination of information on accommodations and activities via Web and Facebook (1st year onward)
  4. Promote businesses through local events (restaurant fair, Hirafu Festival, Hirafu Winter Festival, etc.)
  5. Cover a portion of the Hirafu-zaka St. sidewalk heating electricity cost* 
  6. (1st year onward)

* The local community, including the Town of Kutchan, is responsible for bearing the cost of heating a 1.5 meter wide strip of sidewalk, at a cost that is estimated to be 6,000,000 yen per year. The town has been requested to bear 40% of this, and the BID will bear the remaining 3,600,000 yen per year.

CID projects

  1. Cover costs of streetlamp electricity, repair and new installation (short-term)
  2. Community beautification (short-term)
  3. Community networking (mid-/long-term)
  4. Discussion on the new rubbish collection system. (mid-/long-term)
  5. Lobbying to establish town laws that make property owners responsible for mowing lawns and for removing snow from roofs, prohibiting fireworks, avoiding noise and properly disposing of cans/ bottles/ litter left on the street.

* Chonaikais are encouraged to continue their activities.

* CID levies will not be applied to the costs of Hirafu-zaka sidewalk road-heating.

* CID/BID operation: Because it has already become difficult for volunteers alone to take care of matters, some of the funds will be used to employ secretariat and activity staff for comminity outreach, information dessemination and picking up litter.