Proposed BID Levy Method (by the CID/BID Steering Committee):

"Accommodations" and "Other Businesses (restaurants, retail, offices,etc)" will pay under a different methodology. Based on the current proportion of businesses, levies of “Accommodations” and of “Other Businesses” respectively account for 75% and 25% of the BID budget. 

The BID levy is calculated as a sum of the "fixed share" and the "sliding-scale share".

Accommodations: 20,000 yen (fixed share) + 3,300 yen (bedroom rate) X the number of bedrooms

Other Businesses: 30,000 yen (fixed share) + 180 yen (floor area rate) X floor area used by customers (e.g., for a restaurant, the kitchen and bathroom floor areas are deducted from the total floor area)

Hirafu-zaka Street frontage fee: land fronting Hirafu-zaka Street is subject to a frontage fee based on the length of land along the street.

Hirafu-zaka Street frontage fee = frontage length (m) X 256 yen/m (Hirafu-zaka Street frontage fee). It is subject to change with fluctuations in the electricity rates.

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