Details of CID/BID Organization

CID/BID operation organization

Type of legal person Legal Entity: General incorporated association

Reasons for this choice 

  1. All property owners need to must be CID/BID members.; therefore, the This type of organization does not allow a member to leave freely, which they could do if an NPO or a joint-stock company were chosen as the legal entity. 
  2. The objective of a joint-stock company is economic gain, which is not the is different from the objective of the CID/BID organization, whose objective is the provision of public services.

Annual Membership Meeting

The annual, mid-term (3-year) and long-term (5-year) business plans will be put up for approval at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Board of Directors

The board drafts policies, business plans, etc. for submission to the Annual Membership Meeting and for operating CID/BID projects and activities. Other than the representatives of the ski lift operator, the directors will be elected by a vote.

One or two full-time secretariat staff will be supplemented by part-time project/activity staff or by contract staff. 


  1. The levy is a tax-like fund. Therefore, a professional accounting office will be assigned to guide accounting work and to make audits. 
  2. Activity-based-accounting (ABC) will be used to clarify the cost of each activity/project.