Vision and Goals

Niseko Hirafu, a resort you’d love to live in –– towards a safe, clean and vibrant Hirafu.

© Yasushi Arimura


Proposed vision: “Niseko Hirafu, a resort you’d love to live in”––toward a safe, clean and vibrant Hirafu.


  • To maintain a safe and clean Hirafu and to warmly welcome guests while keeping Hirafu vibrant through the concerted efforts of businesses, property owners and other parties.
  • To create a completely new community management system in which residents and absent property owners work together as members of the Hirafu community.

Hirafu has enormous potential to become one of the best destinations on the planet. We have dry, consistent and bountiful powder. Summer is cool, lush and green. The farmers and fishermen of Hokkaido keep our local kitchens stocked with fresh, clean and delicious produce that is the envy of everywhere.

Yet because we lack a unified vision, aspects of our haphazard built and social environment are retarding our potential. If these detractions aren’t rectified, other resorts will take the lead and we will lose our competitive advantage. Particular danger comes from resorts with a single owner such as Niseko Village and Kiroro who can create and act on plans quickly and efficiently.

By working together, we can realize the opportunities in front of us. The BID will give Hirafu residents and businesses the power and autonomy to implement a unique, cohesive vision, a mandate not granted to previous Hirafu organisations. Done well, the BID will bring the Hirafu community the best of both worlds: direction and variety. This will make for a superb village to rival the best anywhere.