Why do we need the BID/CID?

Hirafu needs a new community management system that protects and enhances the living environment and visitor experiences.

The new system should be easy to understand for both Japanese and non-Japanese residents and property owners, and it must collect fees from all property owners regardless of whether they are residents or not. 

This is why the Niseko Hirafu CID/BID Resort Community Buntankin System has been proposed. The system consists of a Community Improvement District (CID) Levy whose payers are all the building owners and some land owners, and a Business Improvement District (BID) Levy whose payers are commercial property owners. The levies are to be used for community management. The buildings subject to the BID levy are also subject to the CID levy.

The chonaikai system (Voluntary Neighborhood Association) is Japan's original community management method. Amongst many things, they organize payment of streetlight electricity, installation and repair, cleaning of the rubbish stations, neighborhood clean-ups, flower planting, and community events.

In the Hirafu Chonaikais #1 - #4 and Kabayama Chonaikai areas, 80% of building unit owners are absent (note: a house or one unit of condominium is counted as one building unit). The chonaikai members, who account for only 15% of building unit owners, are bearing the expenses and voluntary work of the whole community (as of Jan., 2012).

To date, Chonaikais, together with the Kutchan Tourism Association - Hirafu Branch, and the Niseko Promotion Board (NPB) have addressed local issues such as noise, fireworks and commercial trash collection. However, this model is no longer viable. The Chonaikais no longer have sufficient membership to pay the fees or carry out voluntary activities. Since area management is not the mandate of the Kutchan Tourism Association or NPB, they are not equipped to continue these activities. The necessity of a transparant area management system has become clear, and the BID/CID system appears to be the best fit for Hirafu.