Lobbying, and collaboration with relevant organizations (staff time, no fixed budget)

This work of acting as a community facilitor will be a key role of the BID staff. Currently this is done voluntarily by local business owners, but the pressures of the winter season means there is a 6 month gap every year. The BID staff will ensure a continuous and dedicated effort is given to all of these activities.

1. Support and expansion of new businesses
No financial support. Providing technical, regulation, advice

2. Hospitality training
Improving the hospitality of the area by providing training in collaboration with the tourist service providers in the area. Providing some incentives for attendees.

3. Controlling business on streets, street performances and street parking
To secure a pleasant environment for tourists, making business rules and working with businesses to follow the rules.

4. Improving local transportation
Coordinating and proposing local transport, including private shuttles and scheduled bus service, to provide better transport for visitors

5. Prevention of skiing/boarding on roads (create skiing and boarding paths)
To stop, skiing/boarding on roads, the provision of guidance by patrols, public awareness-raising, and placement of ads in printed matter.

6. Standard street sign installation
Will be done in collaboration with the town (see above)

7. Proposing a master plan, an urban development guideline, a local development plan, a strategic plan, and the development of a playground
Providing opinions actively for Hirafu Community Development Projects, the Kutchan Tourism Development Basic Plan, the Niseko Tourism Bureau and the Brand Tourism Region Development Plan, and making utmost efforts for their implementation.

8. Coordination of business rubbish collection
Developing a regional system to collect and dispose of business garbage, which is currently done individually.