Environmental Sustainability

The CID will work to organize a method to maintain and manage "garbage stations" in a manner that meet the situation of the Hirafu area.


Chonaikais used to decide the locations of "garbage stations", and they cleaned and maintained the stations.

Residents bring their domestic (not commercial) waste to "garbage stations", from which the Town collects waste for disposal on specific days of week.
In the Hirafu area, while the number of residents is declining, the number of accommodations has greatly increased. This means that in the high tourism season, there is much more waste but there are far fewer residents to clean the garbage stations. Consequently, in the Summer of 2013, it became impossible to manage the garbage stations. Most of the garbage stations were removed from the neighborhoods, and a garbage station was made at Sunsports Land (owned by Kutchan Town) in Hirafu, on a trial basis. 

Huge amounts of waste are brought on days other than specified collection days; thus, the waste remains in the public space until the collection day. It is an eye-sore in Hirafu, a resort area.